TriaTalk - Voice integration for aircraft passenger communication

TriaTalk enables business jet owners and passengers to make and receive calls using Wifi phones and UMA enabled GSM/3G phones. It is based on powerful Internet technology and provides the most modern and cost efficient features for inflight telephony.

TriaTalk solution can be integrated over most of today’s satellite networks. Wireless and wired phones are supported.


  • Support of VoIP / SIP and UMA-enabled GSM/UMTS phones
  • Connection to many ground SIP providers
  • Communication Center with secretary functions (call hold, voicmail, etc.)
  • Multiple satellite systems supported
  • Advanced bandwidth by efficient traffic compression
  • Dynamic Quality of Service support for Inmarsat SBB streaming class
  • Integrated billing with TriaAirBill

TriaTalk is part of Thales' TopConnect suite:

Thales Press Release (pdf)

see video of flight test: