TriaSat3G - Mobile 3G/UMTS over Satellite

TriaSat3G enables operates to establish or extend 3G communications fro anywhere to anywhere via satellite at low operational cost through efficient traffic transport management.

The TriaSat3G solution is suitable for backhauling of 3G/UMTS networks over most of today's satellite networks.

Applications include:

  • Mobile networks in aircraft, ships (including ferries, cruise ships, yachts, container ships), trains and land vehicles
  • Coverage of remote sites, such as forest camps, oil platforms, mines
  • Quick deployment of 3G/UMTS coverage in crisis areas, for emergencies, and on remote sites, such as islands, forests and mountains, that do not have an existing terrestrial infrastructure


  • 3G/UMTS connection based on IP
  • Point-to-point calls
  • Bandwidth on demand
  • Multiple satellite systems supported
  • Advanced bandwidth by efficient traffic compression
  • Transparent routing in mobile networks to eliminate changing satellite transport layer
  • Automatic control of power and frequency, depending on position and altitude of the database
  • Quality of Service (QoS) support
  • Integration of 3G with other services, such as WiMax


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