GSMConneX - Mobile GSM over Satellite

GSMConneX, provides GSM and GPRS services in remote areas and on aircraft, ships and trains. GSMConneX enables operators to establish or extend communications from anywhere to anywhere via satellite, using highly efficient traffic management to ensure low operational cost.

Applications for GSMConneX include:

  • Connectivity for aircraft, ships (ferries, cruise ships, yachts, containerships), trains and land vehicles
  • Coverage for remote sites (forest camps, oil platforms, mines etc.)
  • Quick deployment of GSM coverage in crisis areas, for emergencies, and on remote sites (islands, forest, mountains, etc.) without terrestrial infrastructure


GSMConneX features:

  • GSM connection based on IP
  • Bandwidth on demand
  • Multiple satellite systems
  • Advanced bandwidth saving
  • GSM signaling suppression
  • Efficient traffic compression
  • Transparent routing in mobile networks
  • Network management for mobile networks
  • Automatic control of Base Transmitter Station (BTS) power and frequency depending on position and altitude of database
  • Quality of Service support
  • Integration of GSM with other services (e.g. IP, WiMax)

Press releases:


Cooperations and distributors:

  • IP.Access distibutor (GSM and 3G solutions)
  • Quortus distibutor (GSM and 3G core networks)
  • AROSO & De Laurentis (TGS representatives in Brazil)


Advanced Architectures for Operators and MVNOs

Remote switching, providing an end-to-end service locally

Governmental portable solution for emergencies