TriaGnoSys Services

TriaGnoSys provides a range of Development, Consulting and Integration services. We have a team of over 20 experienced research and development specialists, with in-depth knowledge of developing state of the art communications systems, focused on mobile and satellite communications.

Development: we work with our customers to develop tailored end-to-end communications systems designed specifically to meet their needs fitting their unique requirements. Our main focus is the development of cost effective solutions based on COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) components.

Integration: we integrate and validate complex communication systems for customers, including aggregation of the components, providing software/hardware integration, and perform system verification and acceptance testing.

Consulting: TriaGnoSys acts as a consultant for a range of both public bodies and industry,, providing support for research and product strategies, and designing concepts and specifications.

TriaGnoSys is EN 9100 certified and all projects and products conform to this rigorous management standard. In addition, all TriaGnoSys software solutions comply with Aeronautical system (DO-254/ED-80), software (DO-178B) and ESA (ECSS-E40) Standards.

Here are some examples of current projects:

OnAir – inflight passenger communication networks and GSM

Thales – communications suite and billing for business jets

SANDRA – development of an integrated aeronautical communications system based on an open architecture, a common set of interfaces and well-proven industry standards

ESA – Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) over satellite, next generation system for combined TV and Internet; definition of DVB-S2 protocols