TriaGnoSys Products

TriaGnoSys’ products do two things.

The first, and most important, is to enable communications where they would otherwise be impossible, for example in aircraft, on ships and on land in isolated areas of the world.
The second is to ensure the cost and quality of remote communications are as similar as possible to terrestrial communications. TriaGnoSys is constantly striving to improve the available bandwidth at the same time as reducing the cost.

The TriaGnoSys product family manages all aspects of connectivity to and from public networks, enabling mobile phone and PDA connectivity, Internet connectivity and data streaming.
All our products are designed to work together as a complete system. They are also flexible enough to be used as modules in other systems, either to add services or to increase efficiency.

GSMConneX is the most sophisticated and efficient connectivity server solution for aircraft to satellite connectivity for wireless and wire communications for passengers, and is integral to passenger communications services.

Portals & Billing
Our captive portals and payment solutions offer integrated billing and settlement solutions to meet the specific needs of moving networks in the air.

XGate provides connectivity across diverse networks for single of multiple user groups and applications. An example of its use to power passenger communications on the Airbus A380 or in Thales TopConnect programme.

Vocem works by increasing Inmarsat or Ku-band payload usage by a factor of between four and ten.

IFEConneX delivers media content and inflight connectivity to airline passengers during flights.

SBB Emulator
Inmarsat SwiftBroadband Modem Emulator and Link Performance Simulator

TriaSat3G provides 3G/UMTS voice and data services on moving networks on aircraft.

TriaTalk - VoIP 
TriaTalk provides voice integration for aircraft passenger communication, in particular for business jets. The lightweight software is simple to install, and transforms the plane into an extension of corporate or government switchboards, exactly like an office on the ground.