The products we develop allow people to remain in touch on the land.

We have developed a range of services, in particular to enable emergency services to set up a GSM network that is independent from any local infrastructure. Other services allow the use of mobile phones, smartphones and laptops anywhere in the world, using a satellite link.
Key to our products’ performance is the highly efficient use of and management of available bandwidth.

GSMConnex is the most sophisticated and efficient GSM solution for remote sites using satellite connectivity to provide voice, SMS and data communications, and is integral to other communications services.

Portals & Billing
Our captive portals and payment solutions offer integrated billing and settlement solutions to meet the specific needs of moving networks in the air.

xGate provides connectivity across diverse networks for single of multiple user groups and applications. An example of its use will be to power a group of passenger on the move.

TriaSat3G provides 3G/UMTS voice and data services on moving networks.