Ku-band Connectivity

Ku-band connectivity is a cost-effective and efficient way of providing inflight Internet connectivity and provides a direct replacement to Connexion by Boeing’s service.
TriaGnoSys has developed the service in partnership with Miltope and ViaSat, with TriaGnoSys being responsible for:

  • System integration
  • Quality assurance for software development
  • Verification and testing

Applications for Ku-band connectivity include:

  • Passenger and crew Internet connectivity, either wired of WiFi
  • Passenger and crew GSM
  • Live uploading of IFE content
  • Non-flight critical operational data transfer, including:
    • Inventory
    • Telemedicine
    • Baggage tracing
    • Electronic flight bag
    • Gate information

Ku-band connectivitiy Crew Conrtol Panel

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