TriaGnoSys integrates and validates complex communication systems for customers, including aggregation of the components, providing software/hardware integration, and performing system verification and acceptance testing.

TriaGnoSys performs IV&V (Independent Verification and Validation) testing, in line with he V-model, against both system specification and customer requirements. TriaGnoSys manages the whole project, ranging from identifying and engaging the suppliers for all the elements of the system, to developing the required integration tools, system testing and is responsible for final delivery.

TriaGnoSys brings in-depth knowledge of more than 25 years of project leadership in international consortiums, development and networking with key players around the globe. The image shows key developments and integration in the aeronautical field.

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Inflight communications encompasses a range of different hardware and software, including satellite communications software, as well as providing several different cockpit and cabin applications.

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Integration Lab, performing all automised IV&V activities for projects (IVV: Independent, Verification and Validation)