TriaGnoSys develops tailored end-to-end communications solutions to meet customers’ unique specifications. Our main focus is the development of cost effective solutions based on COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) components.

Our development team comprises around 25 software and communication engineers, all educated to University degree level. Our staff includes experienced Quality Assurance personnel.

While each project is different, depending on the customer’s requirements, we typically follow a six stage process:

  1. Specification of communication requirements
    - future-proof modular design, designed for growth
  2. Project management and quality assurance planning
    - design of end-to-end solution
  3. Development of communication software
    - highly efficient communication protocols
  4. Integration of the software with existing systems
    - delivery of seamless system to the customer
  5. Complete system testing and verification
    - lab and field testing, including live testing
  6. Network monitoring and maintenance
    - upgrade path planning

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All systems testing, including automated systems tests, are carried out in the TriaGnoSys lab. The lab is also used for upgrades of existing systems and code verification. In addition, TriaGnoSys has access to the German Aerospace Centre’s (DLR) antenna test range and HF labs.

The quality of TriaGnoSys’ work is subject to several aviation software development Quality Assurance Standards:

  • EASA Part 21 Production Organisation and ADOA
  • EN 9100 certification
  • Design of complex electronic hardware for airborne systems, adhering to DO-254
  • Aviation software processes following DO-178B 
  • ESA (ECSS-E 40)
  • Airbus-approved software supplier

We work with industry-standard tools, for example:

  • Requirements & Verification  Tracking:  DOORS
  • Configuration Control: ClearCase, SVN
  • Change Management: ClearQuest, BugZilla
  • Design Tools: SDT, MagicDraw, Artesan
  • Code analysis: Bullseye, Polyspace, Flexelint, PGM,  Valgrind
  • Test Management: TestManager, CPPUnit, JUnit
  • RealTime OS, Virtualisation: PikeOS / Sysgo, XEN