TriaGnoSys acts as a consultant for customers from public intuitions and agencies, to industry customers. Our work advances the body of knowledge about radio communications and leads to the development of new applications and commercial products and services. We support research and product strategies, and design convincing concepts and specifications.

Areas of expertise include:

  • future air traffic control (ATC) protocols and systems
  • wireless cabin access (LTE, WiMaX, ZigBee, UWB, 802.11n)
  • wireless multimedia distribution
  • wireless sensor in aircraft
  • business case analysis and traffic forecast for mobile systems
  • inflight passenger communications, inflight entertainment and telemedicine
  • aeronautical services for Internet and business
  • satellite coverage analysis and system design for global communication
  • traffic and resource planning for AirCom and mobile satellite networks
  • design and implementation of demonstrators

TriaGnoSys’ specialists cover a wide range of areas of expertise in mobile and satellite communications, including:

  • terminals, antennas and pointing, acquisition and tracking
  • (PAT) at L-, Ku, K/KA and EHF bands
  • AAA, IP mobility and VPN support for passengers in mobile networks
  • satellite channel modelling
  • medium access
  • resource management
  • capacity planning
  • routing and transport layers
  • network design and dimensioning
  • interworking with LTE, UMTS, DVB-RCS, IP, ATM etc
  • layer 2 and layer 3 protocols

Future challenges, which TriaGnoSys is currently working on, include:

  • efficient K/Ka/Ku-band network development
  • bundling of several Inmarsat L-band channels to provide a seamless service
  • load balancing of data transmissions to maximise data rates, while minimising redundant satellite usage to reduce costs
  • wireless cabin distribution with high capacity