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Planebill© is leader in integrated billing and settlement suites of products for moving networks in the aeronautical and maritime sectors. JetBill and GroundBill together represent a complete solution to airlines and mobile network operators offering on board mobile services. GroundBill can also be used to support pure inbound roaming terrestrial mobile network operators.


JetBill is an integrated billing system for airlines. Using JetBill, passengers can be billed before they disembark the aircraft. JetBill supports the following services:

  • Internet Browsing, file transfer
  • E-Mail, access to company VPN
  • Voice calls
  • In-flight entertainment
  • Duty free purchases
  • Onboard meals and refreshments
  • Mobile office services

JetBill Brochure (pdf) | JetBill Page


GroundBill is the companion billing product for operators of telecom services on board aircraft. With GroundBill, the mobile operator can calculate settlement with airlines, airport telecom operators and other mobile Network operators with roaming agreements. GroundBill focuses on mobile telephony (GSM, CDMA and 3G) and mobile data services (GPRS, EDGE), as well as messaging (SMS, MMS).

GroundBill also supports different business models and includes relationships with advertisers sending messages to passengers during flights.

GroundBill Brochure (pdf) | GroundBill Page

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