Antenna PAT - Antenna Pointing, Acquisition and Tracking Algorithms

Mobile satellite communications often need high accurate antenna steering of the mobile terminal. TriaGnoSys provides expertise in digital beamforming as well as optimised pointing, acquisition and tracking (PAT) algorithms and hardware implementations for vehicular, train, ship and airborne antennas.

The optimal PAT system yields a design that shows sufficient antenna agility to support the required data rates, with an acceptable platform size and acceptable cost.


  • PAT system requirement analysis is based on the application scenario
  • Optimised PAT system design and implementation
  • Integration with customer specific antenna hardware
  • Proven research expertise


TriaGnoSys' PAT algorithms have been demonstrated under various industry contracts, and ESA and EU studies such as FIFTH and Ku Mobile.

Antenna steering based on TriaGnoSys know-how was validated in aeronautical, maritime, and landmobile environments, for example in EU studies such as ABATE, MOBILITY, and SUITED.